Torrent documentation using drones

Initial problem

According to the Austrian Forest Act, the municipalities are obliged to survey municipal torrents, especially their course and tributaries, on an annual basis in order to identify and remedy any problems. Currently, these surveys are usually performed on foot, and at the end an analogue report is prepared, sometimes supplemented by photo documentation.

Our solution

With the AIRXBIG service, this task is digitised over several stages and at the same time a standardised process is established to support the municipalities. First, a "ditch profile" is created, in which the torrent ditches are flown with drones and measured by trained experts. Using this baseline survey, the drone flight is repeated in subsequent years and the aerial images obtained are examined for changes using an AI-based analysis.

This enables the automatic detection of danger spots such as fallen trees, vegetation in the course of a stream or landslides. These are then depicted in the report to the municipalities with pinpoint accuracy using GPS coordinates. The report and the image data are stored in a database and can thus be retrieved at any time, which enables a simplified comparison of the data in a time series.


- Cost optimisation for municipalities

- Standards for documentation

- Increasing safety in the face of increasing natural disasters

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