Digitization of construction sites with drones

Initial problem

The topic of construction sites has long since arrived in the 21st century. Construction monitoring, progress checks, inspections - everything is becoming more and more demanding due to increasing regulations and thus also more labour-intensive. This in turn has an impact on the cost of any construction project. In the following, we will show you what drones can contribute here, especially to make construction projects more efficient, faster and safer.

General approach

Even in the run-up to the actual start of a project, drones can help to survey land or existing buildings in an uncomplicated way. Due to their small size and maneuverability, they can reach even hard-to-reach places and record building sections quickly, reliably and with millimeter precision. The resulting data can be generated in 2D or 3D models using photogrammetric processes in near real time. Flying over large areas and the resulting modeling of terrain is now also possible without any problems.

But drones are also excellently suited for resource planning. We would like to outline this using a concrete example:

The project was carried out by AIRXBIG together with HABAU and the province of Burgenland for the renaturalization of the Leitha, i.e. the restoration of the original course of the river.

The earth material excavated in the course of the flood protection construction project was digitally captured by us in a first step. The drone aerial images were subsequently converted to a 3D model and terrain model using a photogrammetric process. These data were then used to determine the volume (in m³) of the excavated earth.

The data we created, can then be used again in several months/years to check how well these renaturalization measures have affected the river course and the surrounding nature.

The data is easily and clearly displayed in their personal dashboard, according to your wishes and projects.

In summary, drones help in the following fields:

  • Capture and survey land and existing buildings.

  • Area and volume surveys

  • Recording of cubatures for bulk material calculations

  • Complete construction documentation

  • Landscape planning and renaturation measures

All these services are 100% climate neutral thanks to rechargeable batteries in our drones.

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